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Afikim at Hebrew University, Givat Ram Campus
Hebrew University, Giv'at Ram
Number of Students: 
Center Address: 
Hebrew University Campus, Giv'at Ram, across from the dorms
Project Manager: 
Israel Weisel
Direct contact: 
About the Center: 

Afikim – Giv'at Ram is a stipend program of unique experiences and activities, for enrichment in Jewish topics, and the exploration of current events through the looking-glass of Judaism. Lectures, discussion groups, and personal learning, all comprise the main educational activities, while the program's social activities include heritage tours in Israel and abroad, weekend retreats, special evening activities, and more.

Those interested in expanding their store of knowledge, and experiencing an unmediated dialogue with the world of Judaism, are invited to join the Afikim Program. You can drop by at any time, to get a feel for the center, without making any commitment. The personal study program is put together along with the student, taking into consideration his/her needs.

Afikim is located on the campus at Giv'at Ram. Students from the Hebrew University, as well as from the Jerusalem Academy of Music, drop by often during breaks between classes, for a light pause, and enter the special and spiritual world of Judaism.

Due to its location, students hold Shabbat meals at the center, every once in a while, creating an atmosphere of belonging. Most new applicants come to the center following friends, who have directed them to us.

The students at Giv'at Ram – a university focusing mainly on sciences, such as physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science –  share a high intellectual level, and due to that, the male students are attracted to studying the Torah. It is common for the students to ask the instructors to come and learn with them, even during the vacations.

The Stipend:
A student may accumulate up to 18 monthly hours, for which he/she will receive $5.5 an hour.

Many times, after receiving his stipend, a student gives it back as a donation, feeling he has already gained a stipend through his learning.

Weekend activities: During each semester, the center conducts a weekend retreat in which students make up for topics and lectures, which the center has been unable to touch upon. This is also an occasion for forming relationships between the various Afikim centers, and it gives the students the sense of belonging to a national project, in which many take part.