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Afikim Rechavia
Hebrew University at Giv'at Ram
Hebrew University at Har HaZofim
College of Engineering
School of Arts and Acting
Number of Students: 
Center Address: 
44 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem
Project Manager: 
Moshe Yagodayov
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About the Center: 

Afikim Rechavia Center conducts a multi-cultural dialogue, at eye level, about Jewish history and culture. It affords / grants the students living at the capital of the Jewish nation - Jerusalem- the opportunity to engage in meaningful and unique studies, which combine Jewish tradition with the modern world.

We offer lectures, workshops, and meetings, of open dialogue around themes such as: self awareness and personal growth, love and relationships in a Jewish light, identity and gender, art and faith, Torah and science, and many more varied topics, gleaned from the Jewish Bookshelf.

In addition, we conduct one-day seminars and special evening activities, heritage tours, weekend seminars, trips, and we bring the best speakers on a variety of fascinating subjects.

At Afikim Rechavia we look at the material world through spiritual eyes, delving into the soul, learning to better identify the forces at work within ourselves, and around us, the ultimate cause of everything, and above all, we learn to be who we are.

The defining feature of Afikim rechavia House is the open and warm atmosphere within its walls, where each member at the center feels Afikim Rechavia is his or her second home, and perhaps even their first one; and most importantly, that it contributes to the students' ability to better identify with the study themes the center offers, and connect them with Jewish tradition and heritage.