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Vienna, Austria

University of Vienna
Lauder Business School, Vienna
Number of Students: 
Center Address:
Blumauer Gasse 10
1020 Wien
Project Manager: 
Nechemia Rotenberg
About the Center: 

The center, which was founded in 2005, holds lessons, study groups, lectures, social activities, and workshops, which provide the participants with a basic knowledge of Jewish topics, and a deep connection to the heritage and land of the Jewish people.

In one of Europe’s most important and central cities, Nefesh Yehudi has set its mark on being a lighthouse of Judaism, providing a connection to the Land of Israel, and bonding students with their Jewish heritage. Nefesh Yehudi brings together Israeli students studying abroad, who feel far away from their Jewish roots, and opens a window into the great world of Judaism, to which they belong.

Some of those participating in the program, join the Nefesh Yehudi trips to Poland, where they track the mass extermination of European Jewry, and learn about their role in the continuation of the Jewish people in their homeland.

In addition, the Nefesh Yehudi Center in Vienna maintains contact with many Israeli students across Europe – in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Poland – on occasion conducting weekend seminars, for Israeli students from all over the continent.