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Ramat Gan

Bar Ilan University
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Center Address: 
4 Rahavat Ilan Street, Ramat Ilan Synagogue, Giv'at Shmuel
Project Manager: 
Zvi Rosenzweig
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About the Center: 

Ashnav Center engages in deepening Jewish identity, and breaking down the barriers of awareness separating the general public and authentic Judaism, by providing in-depth and precise knowledge of the basic issues of daily Jewish life, through encounters between both sectors of the Jewish population.

The center combines an especially high-quality study program, alongside activities which allow the participants to directly experience Judaism.
Activities take place in the center 5 days a week, and we offer a wide array of learning possibilities. The center's target public is the students at Bar Ilan University. About 200 male and female students participate in the study program every year.

The high-quality lecture programs are thoughtfully constructed, to create a blend of senior academic lecturers and the best speakers on Judaism.
The center runs a few regular weekly lessons for advanced students, such as Great Jewish Philosophers, the Psychology of the Soul According to Judaism, Sugiot (issues) in Parashat HaShavu'a (weekly Torah reading).

Once per semester, students go on Nefesh Yehudi weekends, where they experience the Shabbat and its holiness, as well as many more activities and content which can only be transmitted in this special atmosphere.

We also go on special educational tours every once in a while, to sites with a religious and educational value – be it in the Old City of Jerusalem, or other places around the Land of Israel, where fascinating and charged issues can be examined in a free and relaxed atmosphere.

Students who participate in the program become acquainted with Judaism from various learning, experiential, and ethical aspects, and with this treasured cargo they leave to construct their lives in a fuller way.