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LaGa'at BaRu'ach HaYehudit
Sapir Academic College
Number of Students: 
Center Address: 
26 Ben Yehuda St,2nd floor, Shderot
Project Manager: 
Nachum Nagar
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About the Center: 

LaGa'at BaRu'ach Project in Shderot has been active since 2007, with the participation of about 400 students a year, on a stipend / scholarship basis. The scholarship / stipend has one vision – the vision of Nefesh Yehudi, which means enhancing and empowering Jewish identity among students, reaching out and bringing them closer to Judaism, faith, the land of Israel, and our fellow Jews.

"I came for the stipend – and stayed for the soul"

Those who arrive at LaGa'at BaRu'ach are very diverse, and they reflect all the colors of the Israeli spectrum – native Israelis and new immigrants, people with a traditional background, side by side with those for whom this outlook is foreign and distant; city, yeshuv, and kibbutz residents.

Together they form a living, vibrant, and fascinating human mosaic, fashioning and creating the extended family of Nefesh Yehudi, along with the staff members.

LaGa'at BaRu'ach at the Sapir Academic College is an active and dynamic project, which enables all those interested, in deepening and broadening their knowledge on a variety of Jewish issues and topics, and study Judaism at a high level.

The curriculum encompasses basic concepts of Jewish thought and outlook, as well as current issues, relevant to the students' fields of knowledge and interest.

The program holds lectures jointly for male and female students, separate study groups for female and male students, as well as weekly lessons for male and female students. The program is very modular, and provides a variety of possibilities for putting together a weekly study schedule.

The project is continuously being renewed with programs, workshops, cultural activities, experiences, and tours. The quality staff of avrechim and female instructors is highly dedicated and caring, and the connections forged with the students are warm and close.

LaGa'at BaRu'ach Center opens its gates five days a week with intensive and diverse activities.

The warm atmosphere, the sharing, the study, and the experience turn this project into many students' second home, for the duration of their academic years, and even later on.