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Emek Chefer

Ma'alot (Emek Chefer)
Ruppin Academic Center
Number of Students: 
Center Address: 
Ruppin Academic Center, House 4
Project Manager: 
Moshe Zilberberg
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About the Center: 

Ma'alot Project has been running on the Ruppin Academic Campus for the past three years, and provides the program participants with a warm place in which to deepen their Jewish identity. Activities are conducted jointly with the local Student Union.

Every week, lessons, lectures, and classes are held, in which vital topics and basic concepts of Judaism are raised for discussion, in an atmosphere geared at creating strong Zionist leadership for the following generations.

Most program participants are residents of northern kibbutzim, whose education in Jewish topics is especially slight, and at the Ma'alot Center they discover new definitions and identity, and a deep connection with Jewish heritage.