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IDC Interdisciplinary center – Herzliya
Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music
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17 Sokolov Street, Herzliya
Project Manager: 
Zvi Rosenzweig
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About the Center: 

The Merchavim Nefesh Yehudi Center in Herzliya engages in deepening Jewish identity, and breaking down the barriers of awareness separating the general public and authentic Judaism, by providing in-depth and precise knowledge of the basic issues of daily Jewish life, through encounters between both sectors of the Jewish population.

The center combines an intense study program, at an academic level, alongside experiential activities which transmit the true sense of genuine Jewish life. The center's target public is the students of IDC the Interdisciplinary Center – Herzliya.
About 120 male and female students participate in the center's study program every year.

The interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya is characterized by knowledgeable students who come from a high socio-economic background. The center lays great stress on educating for excellence, leadership, and social involvement.
These aims guide us as we select our high-quality staff of lecturers and instructors.

The curriculum centers on issues revolving around the individual and public life, as the students become involved in attaining insights from the treasures of the Jewish Bookself.

The lecture program in aimed at a highly intellectual audience, and is delivered both by senior lecturers from the academic world, and the best speakers on Judaism.

A special team of select avrechim studies with the (male) students in study group, lessons, and discussion groups.

The avrechim who study Torah during the daytime, share the fruit of their learning with the students in the evenings.

Female students study with a group of quality female instructors, and in their learning, they encompass many and varied topics, such as Shabbat, mitzvoth, Jewish customs and traditions. A unique connection forms between the staff members and the students – a connection which goes well beyond the confines of the center itself.
Several, regular weekly lessons for advanced students are also held in the center.

They focus on topics such as Great Jewish Philosophers, the Psychology of the Soul According to Judaism, and more.

Once per semester, students go on Nefesh Yehudi weekends, where they experience the Shabbat and its holiness, as well as many more activities and content which can only be transmitted in this special atmosphere. We also go on special educational tours every once in a while, to sites with a special Jewish significance – be it in the Old City of Jerusalem, or other places around the Land of Israel, such as Massada, Judea, and so forth.

Students who participate in the program become acquainted with Judaism from a different angle, through experiences, ethics, and values. It is completely different from the image of their nation and its heritage, with which they had grown up, and with this new knowledge they construct their lives in a better, truer way.