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Zefat (Safed)

Meytar SheBalev
Zefat Academic College
Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee
Number of Students: 
Center Address: 
5 Maginei Zefat Street, Zefat
Project Manager: 
Nachum Guterman
Direct contact: 
About the Center: 

The Nefesh Yehudi Center in Zefat attracts many young people to its premises primarily because of its location, in the center of the Old City.

In a town in which each alley has a story, and every house has a tale, connecting to tradition and heritage takes on a different meaning.

The center runs various weekly activities, lessons, lectures, and study groups, which provide the participants with Jewish Knowledge about the extensive heritage of the Jewish nation, and enriches their inner world in this ancient, spiritual town.