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Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Netanya, Ramat Gan

Neshama (French Center)
Tel Aviv University
Wingate Institute
Herzliya Interdisciplinary College
Bar Ilan University
Netanya College
Number of Students: 
Center Address: 
87 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv
Netanya College Campus, Netanya
Interdisciplinary College Campus, Herzliya
University Campus, Beit HaMidrash HaGavo'ha
Bar Ilan
Project Manager: 
Gavriel Krief
Direct contact: 
About the Center: 

Special Program for French Speakers.

Neshama is a unique program, active on several academic campuses across Israel, and provides lessons and study groups for French speaking students.

During the program, the students take part in communal Shabbatot, fascinating lectures, and social activities, in which they gain basic knowledge on Jewish topics, and deepen their Jewish identity and connection to Jewish heritage.