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Kiryat Ono

Ono Academic College
MLA - Or Yehuda Center for Academic Studies
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12 HaDarom, Savion
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Hanan Gafni
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Nitzotzot – Discover, Learn, Know!

Nitzotzot has been active in the prestigious town of Savion, near Kiryat Ono.

Nitzotzot is a local center of Jewish studies for university and college students, who study or learn in the Kiryat Ono area, and the greater central region of Israel. Students from the Ono Academic College and the MLA - Or Yehuda Center for Acadenic Studies, who live all around Israel, also attend the center.

Since its establishment in 2006, about 800 students have passed through its program.

At Nitzotzot, students discover an entire world hidden within themselves, through the traditions passing down in their families, and the history of the Jewish nation.

Students become acquainted with the deep roots of Judaism, with the values and ethics it has shone upon the entire world, and they get a sense of the wide diversity of the Jewish Bookshelf, finally coming to know what is means to be Jewish, and what a Jew's role in the world is.

Nitzotzot has several modes of activities: From studying in a Chavruta and taking part in discussion and instruction groups, to unique workshops, lessons, and lectures.

From time to time, instructive tours are organized across the Land of the Bible, and also Heritage Tours to the once–thriving Jewish communities of Europe, before their destruction.

Apart from the stipend program, through which students become acquainted with Nitzotzot, the center acts as a form of social club for quality students, interested in deepening their Jewish identity.

Many of the students come to Nitzotzot through friends in the program, while others come from a desire to be on equal footing with their partners, in order to build a lasting and serious relationship on the basis of a Jewish way of life. Many and interesting acquaintances have been formed at the center, as well as a number of families who have sprouted on the fertile soil it offers.

A great number of the students continue participating in the variety of programs at Nitzotzot, many years after their eligibility for a stipend has ended.

The highlight of Nitzotzot is the warm and personal relationships formed between the staff members and the students. This connection goes far beyond the limits of the activities at the center.

Students come to the avrechim's and female instructors' homes for Shabbatot and Holidays, as well as on ordinary weekdays.

Every student knows he / she has a warm Jewish home to come to, with any question or need that may arise.