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Tel Aviv

Ofek City Center
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv Yaffo Academic College
Kibbutzim College
Reidman College
Broshim College
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Center Address: 
54 Bar Cochva Street, Tel Aviv
Project Manager: 
Refael Gelb
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About the Center: 

 Nefesh Yehudi has its quarters at the center of Tel Aviv, at a walking distance from the main road of Dizingoff. In a tall and spacious building, lessons on Judaism, study groups, enrichments studies, activities, and workshops are conducted at all hours of the day.

In these programs, young people are introduced to the rich Jewish world, which they have grown up scarcely knowing. They deepen their knowledge with Jewish topics, and tighten their bond with the Jewish people, the Torah and the Land of Israel.

A great part of those studying at the center are students of alternative medicine, who come to study about ancient Jewish traditions, their uniqueness and beauty.