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Tel Aviv

North Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv - Yaffo Academic College
Ramat Gan College
Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
Kibbutzim College
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Center Address: 
17 Brodetsky Street, Tel Aviv
Project Manager: 
Refael Gelb
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About the Center: 

The Nefesh Yehudi Center, near Tel Aviv University, draws together students from all the academic campuses at the center of the country, and opens a gate into their Jewish world.

The center, which was founded in 2004, conducts study groups, lessons, lectures, social activities, and workshops that endow the participants with a basic knowledge of Jewish themes, and a deep connection to the heritage of the Jewish people and land.

In Israel's largest city, Nefesh Yehudi has set its aim at being a lighthouse of Judaism for the thousands of young people who have grown up in an environment that is quite detached from the great Jewish heritage, and whose acquaintance with Jewish and spiritual topics is weak. Nefesh Yehudi provides these youths with what is lacking, and opens up a window into the grand Jewish world to which they belong.

A great part of those participating in the Tel Aviv Programs also go on Nefesh Yehudi Tours to Poland, where they follow the tracks of the decimation of European Jewry, and learn about their role in the continuity of the Jewish people in their homeland.