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Petach Tikva

General student public residing in the city
Number of Students: 
Center Address: 
37 Ben Zion Gliss Street, Petach Tikvah
Project Manager: 
Binyamin Shachar
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About the Center: 

The Psagot - Nefesh Yehudi Center in Petach Tikvah serves the general student public who study in the various academic centers in Israel, and reside in the city.

The center offers the participants a number of study programs of Jewish enrichment, lessons, and lectures, which are held in the various halls in the center, as well as in the luxurious coffee-house, which is at the participants' disposal.

The center's uniqueness is in providing students with the opportunity to make progress within the center itself, in deeper and more varied programs, as suits the individual student.

Graduates usually continue in Psagot's follow-up programs, even after finishing their studies, whereby they maintain their connection with their Jewish identity.