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Ariel University Center of Samaria
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Ariel Campus
Project Manager: 
Shai Tenanbaum
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About the Center: 

Tachlit Project in Ariel has been active for the past six years, in enhancing and empowering Jewish identity and in outreach activities among campus students of the local university center.

Tachlit is an active and dynamic project, which enables all those interested in deepening and expanding their knowledge of the various Jewish topics, and in studying Judaism at a high level.

The curriculum encompasses elemental topics in Jewish outlook and thought, as well as current issues relevant to the students' fields of interest and knowledge.

The project, which is in constant renewal, teems with workshops, activities, and trips. The quality staff of avrechim and instructors is especially dedicated and caring, and the connections forged with the students are warm and close.

Tachlit Center opens its doors five days a week for intensive and varied activities. The pleasant atmosphere, the sharing, the learning, and the activities make this project many students' home away from away home, for the duration of their academic studies, and even later on.