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Western Galilee College
Number of Students: 
Center Address: 
2 Mota Gur St., Akko
Project Manager: 
Ari'el Don
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About the Center: 

Tenufa Center in Akko was established in 2007, with the aim of serving as a spiritual source for the young people who come to study at the academic centers in the city and its environs.

At the center, they find a warm second home, study groups and fascinating lectures, dealing with preserving and deepening Jewish identity.

In our area, we are witness to many cases of mixed marriages, due to the mixed population / populace, living in Akko and in the surrounding towns. In light of that, twice the effort is required in order to enable Jewish awareness to take root and deepen, enhance its importance among today's youth, and enrich their knowledge of Jewish heritage, as well as their role in carrying on the seed of the nation of Israel to the following generations.

Among other things, the students take part in heritage and fun tours around Israel, social activities, and weekends. The local college provides support and aids the center
wholeheartedly, and we have seen great success in these fruitful activities.