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Tnufa Carmiel
Ort Braude College
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Ort Braude Campus, West Carmiel
Project Manager: 
Eliezer Roodyn
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About the Center: 

The Nefesh Yehudi Center in Carmiel was established in 2006, and has since been a source of Jewish enrichment for all Ort Braude and local academic students.

Through a variety of activities, lessons, group learning, and lectures, participants receive Jewish knowledge, enriching their world and deepening their identity.

The residents of Israel's north are distant from focal points of social influence, which gives them room to expand their acquaintance with Judaism and define their identity more profoundly.

With half of the residents of the north being non-Jews, and taking an active and normative part in society, and in academic campuses as well, there is a special need and emphasis on deepening Jewish identity, in order to prevent intermarriage, whose rate in this area is high.

The Nefesh Yehudi Center has taken these goals upon itself, in a holy and unified aim to preserve the identity of these young people; build a bridge between hearts throughout all of Israeli society; and ensure they remain true to Jewish heritage and tradition, in years to come, as they raise families and plant the seeds of the next generation.

Participants in the program take part in Nefesh Yehudi Trips to Poland, heritage tours in Israel, and other shared activities.

Together we find the common ground for living with love and unity in Israel.